Season 1

All the action, all the suspense, and all the built things.

Episode 01: Spawn

What happens at the beginning of a new Minecraft world?

This is what happens.

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Episode 02: Shelter

The darkness isn't in your mind, it's right in front of you.

That, and there's probably a zombie.

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Episode 03: Crafting

In the quest to survive you must craft new and better tools.

That is, if you can figure out the order.

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Episode 04: Mining

Deep within a cave, there are both untold riches and danger.

Don't get lost.

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Episode 05: Farming

Food doesn't fall from the heavens, you have to tend your crop.

How 'bout a dehydrated chicken?

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Episode 6: Hero

Episode 06: Hero

A mysterious player protects a humble village from a greedy railroad baron trying to encroach on their land.

The clock is ticking...and so is the TNT.

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Episode 07: Error

Episode 07: Error

An unnatural seismic occurance has shaken the town, upsetting the structural integrity of the world.

Let's go spelunking.

Episode 08: Nether

Episode 08: Nether

Tim takes a mystical adventure to new depths.

Careful with that first step.

Episode 09: Dude

Episode 09: Dude

We are here for a purpose.

Anyone have a stick?

Episode 10: Pigs

Episode 10: Pigs

Upon his return for his magical trip, Tim makes some new friends.

Did he forget something?